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Online Trading
What is online trading?

Online trading is the process of buying and selling securities through Internet. To trade online you only need to have access to a computer with Internet connection. Tracom offers Internet trading to its client through NOW which is a facility provided by Dotex International which is a 100% subsidiary of National Stock Exchange.

Why online trading?

Internet trading is more convenient and hassle free, no phone calls no paper work No more writing of cheques (in case opted for directly debit) and you can trade on your own. Live market position will be in front of you. You can see the rates yourself and take decisions. You have the freedom to trade from wherever you want be it your office or home or even out of station.

Benefits of Online Trading
  • You do not have to call up the brokers/sub brokers office
  • You do not have to wait for some one to attend to you.
  • You will see the actual real-time online rates
  • You can put in your real-time online trades immediately and do not have to wait for some one else to put in your trades.
  • There is no chances/scope of mistake in trade or in communication.
  • No scope of mistake of putting wrong code.
  • User friendly and simple to operate.
  • Cash & F&O available
  • Very easy and quick to start. All you need to do is to login at the site and fill in necessary details and password to log in.
  • No software to be downloaded, as it is browser based trading software.
  • Very good Risk Management system (RMS) parameters can be set.
  • Product of Dotex a 100 % subsidiary of NSE and its sister concerns
  • Software & hardware maintained by NSE and its sister concern.
  • BSNL toll free help line directly to Dotex.
  • Very little down time
NOW which stands for Neat on Web is a browser based trading interface. It is provided by Dotex International which is a 100% subsidiary of The National Stock Exchange of India Limited. It provides a safe, secure and reliable trading platform for investors to trade online. It aims at maximizing trading convenience and real time access to market data.
How to Register for Online Trading
  • The client has to give duly completed KYC form, Risk declaration statement and duly executed member client agreement to the broker.
  • The broker has to upload the necessary details to the exchange and on getting a confirmation response file can activate the client.
  • The client has to request in writing for connectivity though NOW facility, and the client has to give a email address on which he will be communicated the user id and initial password.
  • The Broker creates the user and the now support will intimate the investor client by email of the User ID, Login password and transaction password.
  • The client using the Internet browser logs on to and fills in the Member ID, User ID and the default login password. He will be asked to change the login password and the transaction password.
  • Now the client can trade.
For more details on Internet trading please contact Mr. Ramesh Chauhan at Tracom office.

Online Demat

A secured, safe and accurate way for demat holders to view latest balances and transactions in the demat account online is IDEAS. IdeAs is a facility provided by NSDL for investors to view balances and transactions in a demat account , updated on an online but not real-time basis . This facility is available to all clients who have opened an account with any of the participants under NSDL system for as low as Rs 40/- p.a.

Benefits of Online Demat
  • Clients can view latest balance along with the value based on the previous day closing price in their demat account.
  • Client can view transaction that have taken place in their demat account during the last 30 days.
  • Clients can download month wise statement of transaction for the previous months (maximum 12 months) bearing NSDL’s digital signature, which can be verified by using a signature verification utility. The said signature verification utility and detailed procedure regarding installation of signature verification utility is available for download at htts:// (i.e click the hyperlink download under new users /IdeAS)
  • Clients can access IdeAS by password.
How To Register for Online Demat
  • Go to Ideas website ( click the hyperlink Ideas under New user and then click on Register under section Clients (Password user’s)
  • Enter user –id (between 3-8 characters) and Password between 8 and 16 characters) of your choice (preferably alphanumeric) and fill up all other particulars and click on ‘Submit’ button.
  • You will have to confirm the details entered on the first screen by clicking ‘Confirm’ Button
  • Lastly, the screen will display an Acknowledgement’ and Registration Number ‘. The user has to click on ‘Print this registration form’ to print the form with the entered details on the first screen, sign it (by all account holders) and submit it to your DP in person.
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